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Added by  Stephen Platt  
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2009-09-18 20:46:06 last updated 2009-09-18 20:46:06
Aqua4 Plugin Image This skin was originally created by DeeLight for MM2. Peke started porting it to MM3 as a template to convert MediaMonkey 2 skins into MediaMonkey 3 skins (making a MM2 -> MM3 skin conversion much more feasible). PetrCBR converted the majority of the skin to be compatible with MM3 Beta 4 (the latest MM3 release at the time) at the request of MarineBrat. MarineBrat then made a tweak to the skin, but started this thread in the MediaMonkey Artwork forum asking for more help fixing skin errors. Eventually I fixed them, and created an installer for the skin.
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MediaMonkey Compatibility: v3.0.7.1191 to v3.1.2.1266
Homepage: NONE
License: Freeware
 Version Updated Update Description
v4.4.0.0 2009-09-18 20:46:06 Initial Release