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RestorePlayList v0.1.0.0 DOWNLOAD
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2011-03-17 20:20:21 last updated 2011-03-17 20:20:21
RestorePlayList Plugin Image If MM crashes or if the computer does not wake up from standby/hibernation (with MM open) and needs to be rebooted, MediaMonkey will not remember the last song it was playing. Nor will it remember the items in NowPlaying list. This script along with the ResumePlay script by DiddeLeeDoo will restore NowPlaying/song/track position nicely.
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MediaMonkey Compatibility: v3.2.1.1297 to v3.2.4.1304
Homepage: NONE
License: Native
 Version Updated Update Description
v0.0.0.0 2011-03-17 20:20:21 Initial Release