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SqrSoft® Advanced CrossFading v1.7.6.1180 (Beta) DOWNLOAD
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2011-06-18 21:10:12 last updated 2020-07-07 23:08:14
SqrSoft® Advanced CrossFading Plugin Image

SqrSoft® Advanced CrossFading v1.7 can crossfade two songs, the one is playing and the next in the playlist. The crossfade is made by analyzing sound level of the last seconds of the song to determine the best mix point, applying the level envelope curves to the beginning and end of the tracks. You can set different crossfading parameters for normal crossfade on track end and when you skip the track. This includes the mixing length so you can set the mix to 10%, 20%, etc. This plugin includes a Gap Killer that eliminates the silence or any sound bellow the trigger level, this is applied to the start and end of the track. This plugin also includes a format converter that gets activated when you try to mix two songs with different bits per sample, sample rate or number of channels. The sample converter will automatically change the track to the default format. This plugin can send the crossfaded audio data to a second DSP for Compression or Shoutcast.


NOTE: Due The nature of Plugin Please install plugin globally by disabling PER USER INSTALL!!!

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MediaMonkey Compatibility: v4.0.0.1381 to v4.0.0.1455
Homepage: http://sqrsoft.com.ar/index.php
License: Native
 Version Updated Update Description
v1.7.6.1180 2011-06-18 21:10:12 Initial Release