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OPUS Input Plugin v0.888.0.0 (Beta) DOWNLOAD
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2020-09-07 17:21:15 last updated 2020-09-07 17:21:15
OPUS Input Plugin Plugin Image Ramon_Unchained wrote a plugin for winamp 2+ to support reading of OPUS audio files, so Ramon_Unchained decided to share it in case anyone would be interested. I developed this plugin because I wanted to be able to play OPUS files with Winamp 2, both on my Windows XP machine and an old Windows 98 SE, That is still used for playing music and for retro gaming at my home. I had to build myself the libraries because they include dependencies that are not present on this old OS. The plugin was tested and works fine on Windows 98SE/NT4/XP/2003/7. There is a very good plugin that was already written by thinktink but it only works for Winamp 5. I provide this plugin for compatibility with old platforms. to my knowledge, this is the only Opus player for Windows 98. and some of you may still use Winamp 2 for some reasons.
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v0.888.0.0 2020-09-07 17:21:15 Initial Release