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Do you have a curiosity about how MediaMonkey can look and how much you can do to its famous customization?

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Lyricator v1.5.3.0 Lyricator Details
Category: Organize \ Metadata Lookup
Updated (2021-08-01 00:56:15) by  Gregg Anderson
Lyricator Plugin ImageLyricator is a plugin for MediaMonkey 4.x that searches online sources of song lyrics for selected tracks in the user’s library, allows editing of the lyrics on the fly, then saves the lyrics to the ID3 tags. See the forum for credit to previous developers (das Monkey, G-DIABLO, Owyn, and SquirrelScript).
OPUS Input Plugin v0.888.0.0 (Beta) OPUS Input Plugin Details
Category: Sound \ Audio Formats (Input)
Added (2020-09-07 17:21:15) by  Admin
OPUS Input Plugin Plugin ImageRamon_Unchained wrote a plugin for winamp 2+ to support reading of OPUS audio files, so Ramon_Unchained decided to share it in case anyone would be interested. I developed this plugin because I wanted to be able to play OPUS files with Winamp 2, both on my Windows XP machine and an old Windows 98 SE, That is still used for playing music and for retro gaming at my home. I had to build myself the libraries because they include dependencies that are not present on this old OS. The plugin was tested and works fine on Windows 98SE/NT4/XP/2003/7. There is a very good plugin that was already written by thinktink but it only works for Winamp 5. I provide this plugin for compatibility with old platforms. to my knowledge, this is the only Opus player for Windows 98. and some of you may still use Winamp 2 for some reasons.
EDCast Plugin For MediaMonkey v3.2.8.93 EDCast Plugin For MediaMonkey Details
Category: Sound \ DSP/Effects
Updated (2020-07-07 23:08:34) by  Admin
EDCast Plugin For MediaMonkey Plugin ImageFamous OddSock plugin is Now Available in MediaMonkey.

This is IceCast2 Plugin for streaming to Shoutcast/IceCast servers.

After Installation read OddcastV3.chm from MediaMonkeyPluginsDocs Folder for more help info.

HINT: In order to make plugin work correctly please select Direct sound output in MediaMonkey as WASAPI plug can make problems
SqrSoft® Advanced CrossFading v1.7.6.1180 (Beta) SqrSoft® Advanced CrossFading Details
Category: Sound \ Sound Drivers (Output)
Updated (2020-07-07 23:08:14) by  Admin
SqrSoft® Advanced CrossFading Plugin Image

SqrSoft® Advanced CrossFading v1.7 can crossfade two songs, the one is playing and the next in the playlist. The crossfade is made by analyzing sound level of the last seconds of the song to determine the best mix point, applying the level envelope curves to the beginning and end of the tracks. You can set different crossfading parameters for normal crossfade on track end and when you skip the track. This includes the mixing length so you can set the mix to 10%, 20%, etc. This plugin includes a Gap Killer that eliminates the silence or any sound bellow the trigger level, this is applied to the start and end of the track. This plugin also includes a format converter that gets activated when you try to mix two songs with different bits per sample, sample rate or number of channels. The sample converter will automatically change the track to the default format. This plugin can send the crossfaded audio data to a second DSP for Compression or Shoutcast.


NOTE: Due The nature of Plugin Please install plugin globally by disabling PER USER INSTALL!!!

WinampAC3 v1.2.0.0 WinampAC3 Details
Category: Sound \ Audio Formats (Input)
Updated (2020-07-07 23:07:39) by  Admin
WinampAC3 Plugin ImageThis program is a Winamp 2.x/5.x input plugin to play .ac3 and .dts files. Based on the same decoder library used in AC3Filter.
DSP Enhancer Plugin v0.17.0.0 DSP Enhancer Plugin Details
Category: Sound \ DSP/Effects
Updated (2020-02-12 14:33:56) by  Admin
DSP Enhancer Plugin Plugin ImageAnd you believed your music can't sound better ... Guess again! These days we have the Enhancer.Enhancer gives you deep bass, crystal treble, nice ambience, good auto volume controller and a special volume boost technique. I hope you'll like it :)
APE Plugin v4.42.0.0 (Beta) APE Plugin Details
Category: Sound \ Audio Formats (Input)
Added (2019-01-01 21:08:52) by  Admin
APE Plugin Plugin ImageMonkeys Audio is a fast and easy way to compress digital music. Unlike traditional methods such as mp3, ogg, or wma that permanently discard quality to save space, Monkeys Audio only makes perfect, bit-for-bit copies of your music. That means it always sounds perfect – exactly the same as the original.
SHN Plugin v2.0.4.0 (Beta) SHN Plugin Details
Category: Sound \ Audio Formats (Input)
Updated (2018-12-29 10:42:36) by  Admin
SHN Plugin Plugin ImageSHN (Shorten) is a losless audio format and this plugin enable MediaMonkey to play and convert SHN files to other formats. NOTE: SHN Format is no longer developed and their main site was offline at the time of Uploading this plugin, so it is provided as archival format and is suggested to convert those files to more common losless formats like FLAC
Kernel Streaming Output v3.63.0.0 (Beta) Kernel Streaming Output Details
Category: Sound \ Sound Drivers (Output)
Added (2018-10-16 21:33:01) by  Admin
Kernel Streaming Output Plugin ImageThis plugin Adds Kernel Streaming support for MMW for some cards.
CustomFieldsTagger v1.0.3.0 CustomFieldsTagger Details
Category: Organize \ Tag Fixers
Updated (2018-03-24 22:51:32) by  Admin
CustomFieldsTagger Plugin ImageThis script helps you to quickly tag your custom fields. In the context menu of the selected tracks, for the fields where this is enabled in the options, you get a list with possible values from which you can select. You can (dis)allow the use of multiple values per field. Values that are not yet used can be added manually to the field, as the selection list is dynamically updated and shows only values that are used in MM.